American Cable Electronic Services


    -Repair services for the CATV industry on all brands of line-gear, head-end equipment, optical receivers and transmitters, test equipment, stand-by power supplies and meters.

    -On-site calibration and repair services for field and test equipment including factory trained repairs and upgrades on Calan and Trilithic equipment.

    -Bandwidth upgrade solutions for system amplifiers forward and return paths, in either push-pull or power doubling with silicon or GaAs technology. 

    -Refurbished equipment through our brokerage service for system spare parts inventory or  spares to perform upgrades.

    -Design and manufactures custom passive combining network systems, filter mounting systems, patch panels, and custom rack accessories for head-ends, OTNs, HUBs.

    -Factory trained technicians to repair Alpha® Technologies and Lectro® stand-by power supplies.

Alpha Power Supply XM2               Lectro ZTT Power Supply

Distributor of ASKA and Middle Atlantic products.

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    -Warranty on parts and workmanship, 
        -12 months on CATV equipment repairs.
        -90 days on meters and test equipment repairs.

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